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Does My Child Have ADD/ADHD?

The struggle to pay attention or focus can impact many areas of life. Completing school assignments, following instructions, interacting with others, and even good behavior are just some of the difficulties when an attention disorder is present. If you are concerned that your child has ADD/ADHD consider the following questions.

Does your child:

  • Struggle to listen to and/or follow instructions?

  • Become easily distracted from the task at hand?

  • Have difficulty doing two things at once?

  • Avoid prolonged mental effort?

  • Act impulsively or interrupt others?

  • Have poorly organized thoughts and materials?

  • Often need things repeated?

  • Easily become impatient?

  • Struggle to sit still, or stay seated?

  • Have difficulty paying attention?

If you answered yes to most of these questions your child might have ADD/ADHD. Don't worry, the first step to finding a solution is easy, we can help.

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Find the Cause

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