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What is the "Summer Slide"?

According to research, the summer break always has a significant negative impact on students' cognitive capabilities. This year due to the safety precautions around the Covid-19 virus, the potential for a drastic Summer Slide is getting worse.

The recent school sessions have included unexpected breaks, distance learning, and even extended holidays in order to cope with newly implemented safety standards. The effect is an interrupted learning experience and an extended period of inactive cognitive growth. In addition, the situation could possibly get worse if another wave of the epidemic arrives in the fall and schools must continue to be closed or function differently than traditional classroom lessons.

What Can Be Done About This?

This year we need even more awareness from parents to preserve and even develop their child's cognitive skills.

Today we have diagnostic tools to measure a wide range of cognitive capabilities. Accurate diagnosis allows us to create a positive change with effective therapy in problem areas.

What’s holding your child back?  


We can help answer your questions. Just complete our quick and easy Learning Skills Screener.



We will evaluate your answers within 2 days, and follow up with a FREE 20 minute consultation. If the results show the possibility of a learning difficulty, we are here to help you find an effective solution.

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