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What Can You Do To Improve Your Performance
At Work?

Career adults rely on sharp mental skills to survive and thrive in a competitive work environment. In almost any career path, being able to think fast, learn quickly, process information logically and accurately, communicate well, and remember facts and procedures is critical for success and advancement. For individuals who struggle with any of these areas, performing well at work can be a challenge and add additional stress.

Have you experienced any of these struggles yourself?

  • Have you experienced any of these struggles yourself?

  • Have trouble paying attention or staying on task

  • Forget instructions or what was read earlier

  • Take a long time to complete a task

  • Keep making the same careless errors without realizing it

  • Are disorganized and frustrated when working on a task

  • Struggle to understand or comprehend what was read​

  • Do things that don’t seem to make sense

  • Forget names, new terms, etc.

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If you answered 'yes' to some of these questions, a cognitive skills test can uncover weaknesses that hinder your potential and career goals.

Train Your Brain Today 
For A Better Tomorrow

Many people encounter struggles in their lives and aren’t aware of the options available to overcome them. If you are experiencing difficulties with reading, memory, attention, or comprehension in work, or life in general, the cognitive training programs at Dots&Links might be able to help. We have enhanced the lives of hundreds of clients in Abu Dhabi since opening our doors in 2012.

Cognitive skills training is quickly growing in popularity as more adults are finding that their struggles can be addressed. We provide the tools, coaching, and encouragement needed to overcome learning obstacles and enhance clients’ quality of life.

The results are measurable. Here's a graph showing the average percentile gains of over 1,000 clients ages 18-95 years. 

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Research Results & Client Outcome Report

Measurable Results You Can See

Learn more about the fundamental science behind Brain Training as well as the detailed, measurable results of the research used in developing the most effecting skills development programs.

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