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The Driving Force Behind our Success

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She is passionate about working with people to help them achieve their goals and is a strong believer in honouring a student’s individual learning pace and encouraging their growth through empathy, compassion, trust, and flexibility.  Being a Brain Trainer has given her the opportunity to work closely with students of all ages, personalizing their brain training journey to meet each individual’s learning needs. She loves to impact the lives of her students through brain training and also continues learning from her students every day.  We love her enthusiasm for helping people unlock their true potential and achieve their milestones.

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She always dreamed of working with kids and has been able to fulfill her dream because of brain training. Working with all kinds of kids is a specialty she acquired after many years of brain training. Growing as a brain trainer is the biggest achievement for her and she hopes to continue keep growing in this field. We are very excited as she starts a new journey as a Training Coordinator at Dots and Links to support and help other trainers improve.



She has always been a dedicated trainer who goes that extra mile with all her students and never gives
up on them. She can easily switch her modes of training between a 4 year old and a 40 year old learner
adaptive to their skills and requirements. She’s a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist, and a Language
and soft skills Trainer. Wo
rking at Dots and Links has made her realize her potential to work with
students wit
h special educational needs and is now a certified SEN Learning Support Specialist!



She is a certified Master BrainRx trainer. She found her passion after becoming a brain trainer at Dots & Links and has been working with us for more than 10 years. She is a true believer in the endless improvements that BrainRx can offer. She is always eager to make a difference in a child’s or adult's life by helping them to strengthen their cognitive skills and to change their life positively. She has trained children, teenagers and adults who have had various cognitive difficulties and communication problems that are keeping them from achieving the best results in their studies and lives. She has helped her students thrive academically, become more attentive, and grow positive attitudes. She believes that brain training greatly diminishes learning problems and enhances social communications, thus securing a better future for all involved. She is proud to be a part of improving the quality of life of her students.



She has an undergraduate degree in Phonetics & Linguistics (speech therapy) and a Professional Diploma in Teaching English Language. Learning and understanding children's development has been her passion since college. She believes that it's one of the most meaningful rewards to be part of someone’s growth journey. Being a part of Dots and Links has given her an opportunity to work towards her passion and help her students thrive in the best way possible.



She has always been passionate about working with children so she decided on getting Early ChildhoodEducation. Before joining Dots and Links, she was also a Pre-school teacher. Now, she is also a Certified Cognitive Coach. She enjoys working with children, supporting them, listening to them patiently and preparing them for life challenges. The process of development and the smiles and confidence on the faces of her students, is what keeps her going. Working as a Brain trainer has been an interesting journey for her as she has always been passionate about psychology and how the human brain works.

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