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Why is My Child Struggling

With Reading?

It's often said by educators that better readers live in bigger worlds. When a child struggles with reading, it can limit their learning ability and potential. Understanding written instructions, learning new information, and studying independently are just some of the things that can be more difficult when a reading disorder is present. If you are concerned that your child has dyslexia or is struggling with reading, consider the following questions.

Does your child:

  • Struggle to comprehend what they've read?

  • Frequently make spelling mistakes?

  • Read slowly?

  • Have difficulty sounding out new words?

  • Confuse similar sounds or letters? (i.e. p, d, b, q) 

If you answered 'yes' to most of these questions your child might have a reading disorder. Don't worry, the first step to finding a solution is easy, we are here to help.

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Find the Cause

Contact us today to book a Cognitive Skills Assessment to learn more about your child's learning profile. 

Phone: 02 666 0948

WhatsApp: 050 202 1679 

What Makes a Strong Reader

Auditory processing is the cognitive skill the brain uses to hear, segment, and blend sounds and it is foundational to successful reading. In fact, studies show that weak auditory processing skills are at the root of approximately 85% of all reading struggles. This is why interventions that use cognitive training techniques to target and strengthen auditory processing and other cognitive abilities get such tremendous results. Auditory processing is just one of the fundamental skills targeting by the BrainRx Brain Training Programs. 

The results are measurable. Here's a graph showing the average percentile gains of over 7,000 clients ages 4-17 years. 

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Research Results & Client Outcome Report
Measurable Results You Can See

Learn more about the fundamental science and research behind developing the most effective skills development programs, as well as the detailed, measurable results of the thousands of clients that have experienced Brain Training for themselves. 

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