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80% of all learning struggles can be attributed to weaknesses in cognitive skills.

  • 10% Poor Instruction

  • 5% Sensory Defects

  • 5% Motivation


Distance Learning is More Difficult for Some Students Than Others, But Why?

Many parents have found home schooling with distance learning really challenging these past few months. But have you wondered why home schooling is proving so challenging for your child?

Research has shown that 80% of all learning struggles can be attributed to weaknesses in cognitive skills. These are the fundamental skills we use every day, such as attention, memory, logic & reasoning, and listening. A weakness in just a single skill can cause a chain reaction that has a negative impact on a child's entire learning experience. 

Learn More About the 7 Cognitive Skills Needed for Successful Learning Here

This year we need even more awareness from parents to preserve and even develop their child's cognitive skills, so they can be successful learners even from home in these unique times.

What’s holding your child back?  

We can help answer your questions. Just complete our quick and easy Learning Skills Screener.

We will evaluate your answers within 2 days, and follow up with a FREE 20 minute consultation. If the results show the possibility of a learning difficulty, we are here to help you find an effective solution.

What Can Be Done About This?

Today we have diagnostic tools to measure a wide range of cognitive capabilities. Accurate diagnosis allows us to create a positive change with effective therapy in problem areas.

Start with our FREE Screener, or contact us directly to book an assessment for your child.

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