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When Learning is Easier, Life is Better, We're Here To Prepare Your Child For Success

''Saif has shown more responsibility towards his homework and studies. I have noticed that Saif doesn't lose his stuff as often as he used to. I have also noticed that Saif's marks have improved since last year in certain subjects. I am very proud of Saif's accomplishments with the assistance of Dots and Links Center.

Thank you for your continued support.''

Mother of Saif

''This program gave me a positive image of life, hoping for the best in the days to come. Mrs.Priya and the staff played a major role in shaping my personality and lifestyle so I owe a big thank you to her for helping me enhance my brain skills and confidence. She helped me with learning how to overcome fear and how to confront social situations. The program with the help of the digital exercise also helped me enhance my memory skills and my speed processing, so I am now able to read without the need to repeat. It also helped me with my visual learning skills especially with the linked words exercise. I became more attentive when listening to people presenting a lecture, instead of daydreaming. I also became better in solving math problems. I owe a big thanks to Mrs.Priya and Mrs.Razan who always advised me when she saw me.''


''This Booster Program helped me further improve my skills. I can read and comprehend faster. My attention and memory have improved a lot. I am able to do my university assignment faster and I am doing it on my own. I can visualize better, for example, I am able to plan the route map clearly while I am driving.'' 

Raghu Manohar

''Hello, my name is Tim Schmitz and I am 17 years old.

Before I started at Dots and Links, I had difficulties writing my assignments and starting them.

The first few lessons were quite easy because it was the start of the program. The troubles I had was to balance the times with my school projects, because the program really made my brain sweat and exhausted so when I came home I was lazy. Over time, I was able to manage all this because I got more used to it and the program motivated me as well.

A great help was also my amazing teacher Ms. Jennifer. Since she was German, it made it easier but also more challenging. She always made me switch between the languages while doing certain exercises which was very challenging but fun. She made the program better and more enjoyable for me.

Towards the end, I have noticed a lot of difference in my attention and motivation. Many teachers have noticed. Even my parents have noticed it a lot. My grades have improved in subjects like English, French and Science. I was lacking grades on these subjects to pass the MYP. I am very happy with my progress with myself and my school work. This has been an amazing adventure which I enjoyed even though it was tedious at times.'' 

Tim Schmitz

''I can’t find the words to express how happy we are with my daughter's experience during the 6 months that she attended the ReadRx program at Dots&Links.


Now my daughter is able to read, she is better I would say in all aspects of her life. She is more confident, better at math, her memory is better. I think Dots&Links changed her life. Before we enrolled her at Dots&Links she was attending the EEL program at her school due to her struggle  with reading, talking and writing… now after she has completed the ReadRx training program she has been removed from the EEL classes due to the significant progress and improvement shown at the school.


If anyone that reads this message sees issues with their child’s reading or learning, I have no doubt in recommending this program.''


''Yahia has just turned four in June and we wanted him to be exposed to the Arabic Language in a more structured environment. He enjoyed working with Ms Arwa as her lessons included lots of fun activities and games. We saw an improvement in Yahia’s confidence in using the Arabic Language as well as better vocabulary that he can use for communication.''

Yahia's Mom

We are so happy with Yasser’s improvements. Yaser is faster in writing, likes to read more & enjoys it! He is much better & faster in Math. The advancement of his attention skills has enabled him to do his homework on his own and to sit for 45 minutes straight. He is showing more confidence and has new friends. Yaser is excelling at school with higher grades and he is ranked first in his class. Most importantly, Yaser is now more motivated to learn and read.” 

Mother of Yaser

إننا سعداء جداً بالتقدم الذي أحرزه ياسر، فقد أصبح أسرع في الكتابة ويستمتع بالقراءة بشكل أكبر، كما أنه أفضل وأسرع بكثير فيالرياضيات. لقد ساعدته مهاراته الآن من القيام بواجباته المدرسيةبنفسه والجلوس لمدة 45 دقيقة. كما أصبح أكثر ثقة بنفسه حيث تعرَفَ على أصدقاء جدد. ياسر الآن متفوق في مدرسته حيث أنه أحرز المرتبة الأولى في صفه على المستوى الأكاديمي"

والدة ياسر 

Yara has improved in all her skills after brain training wirh Dots &Links Center. She is more mature and responsible. She knows what she wants and can maintain her focus to complete what she has started. Her writing and comprehension skills have improved a lot and she can now write longer and more complex sentences. She has become much more confident and independent. I am very happy with her results and would like her to come back for a booster program in September for more and more improvements.”


Mother of Yara 


"تقدمت يارا في جميع مهاراتها بعد التدريب الذهني مع مركز دوتس آند لينكس، وهي أكثر نضجاً ومسؤولية، وهي تعرف ما تريد، ويمكن أن تحافظ على تركيزها على استكمال ما بدأت، وقد تحسنت مهارات الكتابة والفهم لديها كثيراً. يمكن أن تكتب الآن جمل أطول وأكثر تعقيداً، وأصبحت أكثر ثقة واستقلالية. أنا سعيدة جداً بهذه النتائج، ونود أن نعود لبرنامج التعزيز في سبتمبر لمزيد من التطور. " 

والدة يارا

In the beginning, I would like to thank you for setting up this center and for your good efforts to help families cope with the challenges their children face. I heard about the center through my niece when I was complaining about my son's condition and I was advised to bring him to you. When I did, I loved the program seeing that Mohamed started to attend, excited and happy, unlike what happened when I took him to other centers. He was even reminding me of his training time every day. 

And I thank God that I noticed his development and the beginning of his improvement in the field of academic and social relations as he participated in a camp for 5 days on his own as apposed to the previous days when he could not stay away form his family, not even for one night. His grades in school and his reading and testing improved along with an increased confidence in himself. All members of the family feel that he grew up and matured and became more insightful than before."

Mother of Mohammed Al-Musawi

"في البداية، أود أن أشكركم على إنشاء هذا المركز وعلى حسن جهودكم المبذولة لمساعدة الأسر في مواجهة مشاكلهم مع أطفالهم.  قدمت للمركز بعد أن سمعت عن المركز عن طريق ابنة أختي حيث أني كنت أشتكي من حالة إبني  فنصحتني بإحضاره لديكم. وعندما أحضرته أعجبني البرنامج كثيراً وبدأ يحضر وهو متحمس وسعيد بعكس ما كان يبدو عليه عندما أخذته لمراكز أخرى وكان يذكرني بموعد الحضور للمركز يوميا. و أشكر ربي أنني لاحظت عليه التطور وبدأ انجازه في مجال العلاقات الاجتماعية والأكاديمية يتحسن فقد شارك في مخيم لمدة ٥ أيام لوحده وهو لم يكن من قبل يبتعد عنا ولو لليلة واحدة، وتحسنت درجاته في المدرسة وتحسن في القراءة وفي أداء الاختبارات وزادت ثقته في نفسه حيث شعر جميع أفراد الأسرة بأنه كبر ونضج وأصبح أكثر إتزاناً من قبل.”

والدة محمد الموسوي

We are so happy with Yasser’s improvements. Yaser is faster in writing, likes to read more & enjoys it! He is much better & faster in Math. The advancement of his attention skills has enabled him to do his homework on his own and to sit for 45 minutes straight. He is showing more confidence and has new friends. Yaser is excelling at school with higher grades and he is ranked first in his class. Most importantly, Yaser is now more motivated to learn and read.” 

Mother of Yaser

I have improved in Dots & Links more than I would in school. I go to school to study, but I benefited more at Dots & Links. My English is much better from the visualizations. I am much more focused now because of the digital sessions and the distractions from my trainer. I am even better at using the keyboard. When I have something I need to do or when I write things down I don't forget it. I did not like to study before and I used to prefer playing games, but after Dots & Links I can sit for a longer time and I started to like studying."

Mohamad Al Romeithi - 13y

When we first heard about Dots&Links we assumed that it was like any other tutoring center. After the initial meeting however, we realized that they have a great understanding of the reasons behind our child's learning struggles and also have a strong methodology to improve those skills. We can now see and improvement in Ali's behavior and skills. He is more confident and his long term and short term memory is much better. The most important thing to us is that he is getting the proper tools to retain information and perform complicated mental tasks. We would recommend this brain training program to all parents who have struggling children. We also appreciate the conferences and workshops organized by the Dots&Links team that involve learning specialists and parents. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share."

Parents of Ali

When our son Khalifa first joined Dots&Links he was very below in many subjects in school. We tried tutors and encouraged him but he never improved. Then he started his brain training program and he has improved a lot! We are so proud of our son for the improvement in his studies, the way he speaks, and most importantly in how well he is reading. We continue to recommend Dots&Links brain training to our family and friends, we are so thankful for their help."

Parents of Khalifa

The Dots&Links Team helped us get on the right track with our son. This program was an overall life improvement experience for our son. At the time of his first assessment he was a very shy boy and it was very difficult to get him to talk or express himself. After his training, he is a new boy! He thinks faster, can start a task on his own and stay focused for longer. He has the confidence to ask questions or speak his mind. We still have a way to go with our son but like I said, for the first time we are moving forward in the right direction. I would recommend that every parent give it a try, and encourage them not to give up on their children's weaknesses or difficulties. With the right help you can overcome any obstacle, and Dots&Links was the help we needed. Thank you!"

Mother of K

Ana does her homework much more efficiently, and it is easier for her to focus for longer periods of time. Even for casual activities, like getting dressed to go out, we can see that she takes less time than she did before. Her communication skills have also improved, both with language and with relationships. Ana's self-esteem is much better. We found that she wants to engage in activities like sports, which she used to avoid. We expect to continue to see improvements in her."

Mother of Ana

Our son was showing signs of dyslexia. He was reversing letters, leaving words out and adding words in when reading so his school recommended for him to be tested. We came to Dots&Links and they found he had a problem with his auditory processing. We decided to give the Brain Training a try. It was a big commitment from all the family, especially our son but he tried his hardest and enjoyed the training. He really liked working on the one-on-one sessions. We were patiant and gradually began seeing improvements. By the end of the program he was so much more confident with his writing and reading. He matured a lot over the course and now has a much more positive attitude to try new things and achieve his goals. There is no longer a struggle to do homework! Thank you Dots&Links!"

Parents of Jake

What a shame that this brain training program wasn't provided when I was a child. Focusing, memorising, and therefore learning wouldn't have been such a struggle as it has been my whole life.

As I cannot change my past, thanks to this intensive brain training program at Dots&Links, I have changed my present and it will give me a challenging future with confidence I never experienced before!"

Liesbeth de Bekker

Adult Student

After I checked the Dots&Links website, I knew this was the right place for my daughter Johan. After the first consultation meeting they understood what my daughter is going through and what she really needs. After the three months of training I can see improvements with my daughter but I know she still has more to improve and develop.  Johan is now more confident with herself. She is more focused in all things she does and enjoys studying. She does her homework by herself and she can join conversations without changing the topic. She is also more involved with class activities."

Mother of Johan

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