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How Can My Child Become Better at Math?

Math is not just about memorization and quickly crunching numbers, it's also about problem solving. Strong cognitive skills are required to efficiently learn mathematical concepts, solve problems, and perform mathematical calculations. 

High performance in mathematics relies on a collection of fundamental skills seamlessly working together. Logic and reasoning, attention, memory, and visual processing all impact math and problem solving. If even one of these skills are weak, it can cause a student to struggle. If you are concerned that your child is underperforming in math, consider the following questions.

Does your child:

  • Do poorly on math quizzes or exams?

  • Take a long time to solve problems?

  • Struggle to comprehend math word problems?

  • Have difficulty planning solutions to multi-step problems?

  • Make illogical connections or decisions?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions your child may have an unidentified weakness in their foundational skills. Don't worry, the first step to finding a solution is easy, we are here to help.

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Find the Cause

Contact us today to book a Cognitive Skills Assessment to learn more about your child's learning profile. 

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Learn more about the fundamental science and research behind developing the most effective skills development programs, as well as the detailed, measurable results of the thousands of clients that have experienced Brain Training for themselves. 

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