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Our mission is to enhance a learner's core ability to learn faster, easier, and better. We are devoted to the idea that learners simply do not need to be pigeon-holed by labels or held back by learning or reading difficulties.

We believe that everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Our role would be to identify the causes of difficulties and then to strengthen them through our unique cognitive training program.

We empower people by unleashing the potential they have within.

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  • Succeed in learning

  • Achieve up to their fullest potential

  • Boost their self confidence

Core Values

At Dots & Links for Skills Development Center, we are interested in our students and their learning problems. We will do our best to solve those problems.

We believe the clients have done us a favor by trusting their problems to our care. Clients deserve our prime attention. There should be no avoidable interruptions, and we should never show a lack of interest. This program is here to provide a service to them.

Staff are expected to work in the spirit of the program, and share its goals and enthusiasm. To do this, all trainers must care about each other, communicate with other staff, and be in agreement. If trainers do not COMMUNICATE with other staff, they will no longer be in agreement and will eventually stop caring. If trainers are not IN AGREEMENT, they will no longer care about the program and will eventually stop communicating. So, each part is vital for the success of the program.

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