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About Our Center

The First in Abu Dhabi


Dots&Links was the first brain training center in Abu Dhabi, and has helped over 750 individuals since its founding in 2012. 


Our mission is to enhance a learner's core ability to learn faster, easier, and better. We are devoted to the idea that learners simply do not need to be pigeon-holed by labels or held back by learning or reading difficulties. We believe that everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Our role would be to identify the causes of difficulties and then to strengthen them through our unique cognitive training program. We empower people by unleashing the potential they have within.

Our Team Leaders

Razan Nabulsi 


Razan completed her Master’s Degree in 2004 in Special Educational Needs from the University of Exeter- UK. She has led workshops for teachers on several topics, including "Differentiation inside the classroom," "Meeting the needs of ADHD students" and was a speaker in several conferences and seminars. She worked with children and teenagers with learning difficulties in international schools in Jordan and the UAE for 8 years; this made her realise how challenging it is for students struggling with specific learning difficulties to make it in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ schooling environment. As a Special Needs Coordinator in international schools, Razan provided remedial support, accommodations and modifications to help those students succeed. 

Zinah Madi


Zinah has worked with children and adults to develop their cognitive abilities and help them overcome their learning struggles such as reading and writing. Her passion for languages, mainly English and Arabic, made her pursue a bachelor degree in English language and literature, and a post-graduate degree in translation studies. She gained extensive knowledge through her work in senior leadership positions in international schools in Abu Dhabi for over 10 years. As an involved mother, she always researches best practices on parenting and strives to share them with the community through organizing workshops and talks.

Our Story

Co-Founders Razan Nabulsi and Zinah Madi met at one of the top international schools in Abu Dhabi and worked together in the school for 3 years. During this time they both felt a deep need to do something more to help the children and parents of the community.

One fall after returning to school, a remarkable change was noticed in one student’s academic performance. They discovered that the student had spent his summer in the United States, where he participated in the LearningRx Brain Training Program. Curious, Razan and Zinah researched more about the program and found it to be the most comprehensive and scientifically proven cognitive development program world wide. Recognizing immediately the potential to positively change the lives of students in Abu Dhabi, they procured the license to conduct the program and established Dots & Links for Skills Development Center in February of 2012.

Since opening its doors, the center has helped hundreds of students unlock their potential as learners and amazing life changing results are being achieved every day. 

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