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Who We Have Helped

Elementary Art Class

Attention & ADHD

The inability to focus can be incredibly difficult to deal with not only academically but socially as well. 

Math Class

Math & Problem Solving

High performance in math relies on the seamless collaboration of multiple fundamental skills. 

Proud Grandparents

Adults & Seniors

Lifelong mental fitness is important for maintaining or even improving mental sharpness

Kids Reading Outdoor

Reading & Dyslexia

Better readers live in bigger worlds with more opportunities. Don't let reading struggles limit the potential locked inside.


Academic Achievement 

When tutoring isn't enough, or the right solution at all for helping a student reach their full potential as a learner.



We have personalized coaching to support parents in finding practical, long-term solutions to their parenting challenges.

Homework Help

Homework Struggles

Sometimes getting homework done on time- or even at all, can be frustrating and stressful for students and parents.

Railroad Set

Early Development

The first years of a child's development are the most critical for building a stable foundation for learning.


Want to Learn More

About Developing Your Cognitive Skills?

Contact us today to find out if we are right for you

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