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Does My Child Have ADD/ADHD?

The struggle to focus or pay attention can impact many areas of life. Keeping up in class, completing school assignments, feeling confident, following instructions, interacting with others, staying on top of tasks, and even good behavior are just some of the things that can be more difficult when an attention disorder is present. If you are concerned that your child has ADD/ADHD consider the following questions.

Does your child:

  • Struggle to listen to and/or follow instructions?

  • Become easily distracted from the task at hand?

  • Have difficulty doing two things at once?

  • Avoid prolonged mental effort?

  • Act impulsively or interrupt others?

  • Have poorly organized thoughts and materials?

  • Often need things repeated?

  • Easily become impatient?

  • Struggle to sit still, or stay seated?

  • Have difficulty paying attention?

If you answered 'yes' to most of these questions your child might have ADD/ADHD. Don't worry, the first step to finding a solution is easy, we are here to help.

Girl at School

Find the Cause

Contact us today to book a Cognitive Skills Assessment to learn more about your child's learning profile. 

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Cognitive Skills Training Can

Improve Focus & Attention

Our cognitive skills assessments are able to accurately measure attention skills and others that are negatively impacted by ADD/ADHD. Achieving a better understanding of strengths and weaknesses is the first and most important step.


Our BrainRx programs have improved the cognitive performance of clients with many diagnoses, including attention issues. In fact, more clients come to us because of lack of attention and focus than any other condition, so we have a lot of experience with this struggle.

The results of the BrainRx Brain Training Program are measurable. Here's a graph showing the average percentile gains of over 7,000 clients ages 4-17 years. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-29 at 1.05.52 PM.png
Research Results & Client Outcome Report
Measurable Results You Can See

Learn more about the fundamental science and research behind developing the most effective skills development programs, as well as the detailed, measurable results of the thousands of clients that have experienced Brain Training for themselves. 

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