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Parent Coaching is a collaborative process where we work together to develop tailored strategies for successful and joyful parenting. We begin by identifying strengths and resources available to you while discovering your vision for the future. Together we will co-create a new approach with fresh ideas and exciting possibilities. As you try these new methods at home, I will be here to help you assess what works best and why. We use these successes to continue building strategies and reflecting on their results. We will end our coaching with you understanding the key strengths, skills, and strategies you used that worked best. This foundation will guide you through future challenges. 


  • Find ways to enjoy their time with their children more

  • Handle the toddlers' years in an enjoyable way

  • Find ways to reduce their child's and/or teen's attachment to digital media

  • Juggle work and family in a creative way

  • Take care of themselves to handle the ongoing demands of parenting


Parents can expect 10-12 sessions that can be done weekly or bi-weekly

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Private sessions to resolve specific individual challenges as a parent and reach your desired vision. 



For couples who would like to work as a team to resolve parenting challenges. They will work in a co-constructive way, while learning more about their parenting styles and how they compliment each other. 



Groups with 4-6 participants who share similar parenting challenges. Sessions will be focusing on both the individuals' vision as well as the group vision while using the wisdom of each member. 


A bit about


PCI Certified Parent Coach®

I believe that the parent-child relationship is the most important ingredient for a child's optimal growth. A better child-parent relationship will lead to better families and better communities. As a mother of three, in different age groups, I have experienced and understand the different stages of development from birth to adulthood and I strive to help parents find solutions for any challenge they are facing. With my background in cognitive development and brain training, I can provide research-based knowledge on how to support a child's cognitive, emotional, and physical development. I founded "Better Together" Parent Coaching to empower parents and help them enjoy their parenting journey. 

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I am happy to answer any of your questions or help you get started with a coaching plan. Please send me an e-mail with your details and I will be in touch with you right away.


"Thank you for the amazing sessions, no words can describe how helpful the coaching has been! Thank you for all the amazing steps you helped my family take, and for all of the support and ideas that helped us. It was a great experience that I will remember throughout my life. I'm sure that you will help many other families as well." 

H.H. / Mother of Two / 10y & 12y

"The sessions were very helpful because I had someone to bounce ideas off, without judgment. Knowing that there is someone in my corner who is willing to support me in whatever I decide is best for me is reassuring. It also encouraged me to take a step in new directions I might not have considered going before."

N.E. / Individual 

"Since the first session, Zinah always focused on my strengths and showed me how to use it while dealing with daily challenges. My family and I enjoyed the suggested activities together, that highlighted all our strengths and improved our communication. I am spending more quality time with my kids and I am more grateful for my family. We are moving forward with the motto I learned, that 'what you focus on grows.'" 

S.H. / Mother of Two / 8y & 12y

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