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Our Services

Learning Skills Assessment

20% Discount until END OF YEAR - This assessment is designed to identify strengths and weaknesses with regards to an individual's learning skills. After the assessment is completed we will schedule a consultation meeting to discuss the results and give recommendations. 

Comprehensive Consultation

We invite individuals or families to meet with our Center Director to discuss the results of the Cognitive Skills Assessment and give recommendations for training options.  

*Assessment must be completed before scheduling a consultation

BrainRx Training Program

Our Standard Training Program is 14 weeks with daily 1-hour sessions in the afternoons.

*Assessment and consultation must be completed before booking. 

ReadRx Training Program

Cognitive Training Program with a targeted focus on developing the fundamental skills needed for successful reading and comprehension. 

AccelerateRx Training Program

A fast paced and intensive Cognitive Development Program for improved performance in less time! 

Early Intervention Program

If you are concerned your young child may have a developmental delay or learning and attention issues, early intervention can help young children make big strides. Specialized assessments & comprehensive consultations to help plan the best move forward. 

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