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Welcome to Dots & Links

The first brain training center in Abu Dhabi
  • Does your child have difficulty in reading?
  • Does your child have difficulty in doing homework?
  • Does your child do poorly on tests?
  • Does your child have attention or memory difficulty?
We can help your child. Proven, guaranteed results.


"In the beginning I didn't want to go to Dots and Links because it was like extra school for me. But thank God I had the most beautiful teacher ever! And so is Ms Afifa with her funny jokes. I learned lots of things like being fast. I also made new friends like Caithlyn, Noora, Budueer, Ms Eleanor, and Ms Lucy! And not to forget Ms Hena1 and Ms...
Shawk Saleh - 11 years old - Raha International School
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BACK TO SCHOOL! Help your child succeed in the upcoming school year with Brain Training! Proven to raise a child's IQ and improve their academic performance. Contact us for more information at 02-4459994