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Welcome to Dots & Links

The first brain training center in Abu Dhabi
  • Does your child have difficulty in reading?
  • Does your child have difficulty in doing homework?
  • Does your child do poorly on tests?
  • Does your child have attention or memory difficulty?
We can help your child. Proven, guaranteed results.

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"In the beginning I didn't want to go to Dots and Links because it was like extra school for me. But thank God I had the most beautiful teacher ever! And so is Ms Afifa with her funny jokes. I learned lots of things like being fast. I also made new friends like Caithlyn, Noora, Budueer, Ms Eleanor, and Ms Lucy! And not to forget Ms Hena1 and Ms...
Shawk Saleh - 11 years old - Raha International School
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Is your child struggling in school? Would you like to see higher marks on the report cards? Would you like to know why?   WE CAN HELP! With brain training, better grades are just the beginning.   Contact us for more...