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Is My Child Meeting Their Developmental Milestones?

Baby Playing with Abacus

Meeting developmental milestones at a different rate from other children isn’t always a cause for concern; developmental time lines are not without wiggle room. 

Consider a baby who isn’t rolling over by 4 months, they may be just a little behind in that one skill. But babies at that age who, for example, aren’t rolling over, can’t hold their heads up, don’t push up when lying on their tummy, and aren’t babbling are behind in more than one area of development. That could be a sign of a developmental delay.


If your child isn’t meeting multiple milestones as quickly as expected, it is likely a good idea to do an early intervention evaluation to get a better sense of what’s going on. The results can guide the types of services and supports that could help your child if your child needs them.


Cognitive (or thinking) skills: This is the ability to think, learn and solve problems. It’s how kids explore the world around them with their eyes, ears, and hands. 

Social and emotional skills: This is the ability to relate to other people. That includes being able to express and control emotions. 

Speech and language skills: This is the ability to use and understand language.  

Fine and gross motor skills: This is the ability to use small muscles (fine motor), particularly in the hands, and large muscles (gross motor) in the body. 

Daily living activities: This is the ability to handle everyday tasks. For children, that includes eating, dressing, and bathing themselves.​

The Five Areas Of 

Skill Development






Find the Cause

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